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Moving With Pets

petsWe know your pets' safety and well-being is a top priority.

If you're planning to move with pets, there are some important things to do beforehand to ensure that it's an easy, stress-free process. Some tips to keep in mind include:

  • Scheduling an appointment with your veterinarian to discuss sedatives or other precautionary measures.
  • Asking your vet for copies of your pet's rabies and vaccination records.
  • Getting information on updating identification tags in your new location. 

Traveling by Airline

If you're flying, contact the airline in advance of your move to ask about regulations and services, and to make reservations for your pets. Other tips for flying with pets during your move include:

  • Booking a weekday flight when there tends to be more cargo room.
  • Booking a direct flight to reduce your pet's confinement time.
  • Selecting a portable air-transport kennel that's large enough for your pet to stand and move around. (Many airlines sell or rent these special carriers.)
  • If possible, allow your pet to get accustomed to the kennel in advance of the trip.
  • Prior to your flight, label the kennel "live animal" and include information such as your pet's name, your new address, cell phone number, and any special handling instructions.

Traveling by Car

If you're traveling by car and your pets are not used to being a passenger, especially during long distances, try to get your pet aquatinted with riding in the car before the move by taking quick trips with them in the car to run errands. Tips to keep in mind for the car trip include:

  • Not feeding your pet several hours prior to your move.
  • Packing a fresh supply of water for your pet and stopping frequently for drinks and walks.
  • Finding a pet-friendly hotel prior to the date you need to move.

Small animals, such as birds or hamsters are able to travel in their cages in your car, as long as the cage is stabilized, well-ventilated, and protected from wind and direct sunlight. No matter what four-legged family member is making the trip with you, make sure you never leave any animal unattended in your vehicle, regardless of the temperature.