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Logistics Services in Erie, PA

Logistics services & project management for individuals and businesses.

We have the ability to receive, manage, distribute and deliver various commodities to businesses and residences. Our expertise and resources allows us to customize solutions to help you mitigate risks, cut costs and most importantly put your clients’ needs first.

We have the ability to receive, store and manage freight. We have a warehouse staff and logistics coordinators that will manage your inventory, customized to meet your needs or the needs of your customers. We specialize in “final mile” delivery of various commodities to businesses and homes. We offer various delivery opitons from a curbside delivery through a white glove service including placement and assembly of your product.

Picking up commodities from customers is sometimes needed as well. We can take care of picking up new or returned products from businesses or homes, assuring your customer’s product is picked up, packaged and held for a final disposition. We handle pickups and deliveries of new furniture, medical equipment, electronics, high value items and motorcycles to name a few. If you have a product, we can handle getting it from you to the end user.

Perhaps you are purchasing an item and need a company to receive it and deliver it to a business or a residence. We offer one stop for all your logistics needs.We specialize in project management. We work with commercial companies to receive, store and deliver goods out for new restaurants, stores & hotels. Partial deliveries down to the carton level can be arranged. We are here to assure your installers and customer’s needs are met to complete any project.

Put our knowledge and resources to work for you!