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Labeling Hints for Your Move

Find what you need quickly once you reach your destination.

After packing up your belongings and going through the process of a move, the last thing you want to worry about is being unable to find the boxes you need immediately. Labeling each of your moving boxes and cartons appropriately will help ensure you can find exactly what you need once you're in your new home.

Tips to keep in mind include:

  • Using a broad, felt-tipped marker to label boxes and cartons.
  • Clearly marking the contents in the box, as well as the room it belongs in.
  • Indicating "FRAGILE" on delicates and "THIS END UP" when appropriate.
  • Listing the contents contained in the box on the side for easy view when stacked, as well as a notebook. You could even number and/or code the boxes if it's helpful.
  • Taping a sign on the door of each room at your destination corresponding to the carton labels so movers can get the cartons into the proper rooms quickly.