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The Difference Between A Moving Company and Moving Services

Tuesday Jan 1st, 2019

Moving is a stressful time—you’re experiencing a lot of change, all of your possessions are boxed up, and you’ve got a million details to remember. That’s why it’s essential to hire a registered and licensed moving company, rather than a business or individual that offers “moving services.”

When you call up your friend’s cousin with a truck or contact a moving services company from Craigslist, you’re risking the safety of your belongings. A lifetime worth of mementos and all of your favorite items could either disappear or be damaged. When choosing to hire moving services, you run the risk of employing an unlicensed, uninsured, or untrained crew.

On the other hand, a qualified moving company, such as B.F. Fields Moving & Storage, obtains licensed trucks, quality insurance, and efficient employees to ensure the safe arrival of your belongings to your new home. Without hiring a professional moving company, you may be surprised by how much you can lose.

Safety For Your Belongings

Simply owning a truck doesn’t make someone a qualified mover. When hiring moving services, you are opening your belongings up to a wide range of possible mishaps. Unfortunately, Move Rescue found that about 3,000 people per year report a case against fraudulent movers. Many of the problems in question arise from damaged belongings, theft, or items being held hostage for more money.

Although a moving service may claim to be a legitimate company, it is imperative to do your research beforehand. When hiring a “company,” always request the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) number. The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission issues an identification number for motor carrier services that:

  • Adhere to a strict safety code
  • Establish rates that are just and reasonable
  • File an application to begin or change their services
  • Obtain adequate insurance coverage to protect the public
  • Provide service to all members of the public without discrimination


Any mover that meets the PUC requirements can display their identification number on their website, vehicles, or in their business. Keep in mind that a registered company will never hesitate to share that number with you.

Additionally, companies that abide by the Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety (FMCSA) regulations will provide you with a brochure that explains your rights as a customer, as well as what to expect when hiring that company. B.F. Fields Moving & Storage, an award-winning agent for North American Van Lines, meets and exceeds the FMCSA regulations.

If anything happens to your belongings under a PUC or FMCSA compliant mover, you will be eligible to receive compensation for any damaged or missing items. Should you have hired a moving service without these certifications, the likelihood of receiving payment for mishaps diminishes drastically.

Stay On Schedule

Additionally, by hiring a moving service, you’re gambling with hiring someone who may plan poorly, lack timeliness, or take longer to perform agreed upon duties. Moving is a complicated endeavor, so when you’ve scheduled your move for a particular day, you are depending on your moving crew to be there.

Similarly, whether you’re moving across town or across the country, you want to make sure your belongings will arrive at your new home when you expect them—not a week or two later. A reputable moving company will always provide you with a schedule so your plans are definite.

Cutting Costs Cuts Qualifications

The main reason someone would hire a moving service rather than a registered moving company is to try to reduce costs, as a professional mover is often more expensive. However, the quality of service, safety, and guarantee of timeliness are worth it for people looking for some peace of mind during a time of stressful transition. Additionally, if you factor in the potential cost of damaged, lost, or hostage belongings, you ultimately will be saving money with a registered mover.

Moving companies will provide a quote by first coming to your house to get an accurate idea of how many items you have, whereas moving services often submit an estimate over the phone or by email. The most significant difference here is that a moving service’s estimate is just that—the cost can change to reflect the actual load carried.

The Proof Is In The Pudding (...Your Stuff Where It Belongs)

At B.F. Fields, we’ll provide you with a move manager to make sure every aspect of your move is covered. No matter what you’ve got going on, we can handle it. A few of the services we provide include:


  • Crating
  • Full or custom packing
  • Logistics services
  • Military and government approved services
  • Senior relocation services
  • Temporary or long-term storage
  • Vehicle shipping
  • 3rd party servicing of appliances and fitness equipment

When choosing to go with a professional moving company, you’re getting both experience and proper equipment. B.F. Fields has over 110 years of experience in the residential and commercial moving industry, and we’ve garnered fleets of registered moving vehicles and equipment.

What’s more, an experienced, premier moving company will have online reviews to prove it. Our customers often show their satisfaction through Google reviews, reviews, and Facebook recommendations.

Don’t Gamble With Your Belongings

When it comes to moving your family, don’t put all of your belongings at risk by hiring a moving service. Choose a company that you can trust to show up on time and take care of all your items.

If you are looking for movers that can make your transition worry-free, click here to contact B.F. Fields Moving & Storage or call us at (814) 454-2481.